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“A drop of water,
if it could write out its own history,
would explain the universe to us.”
Lucy Larcom

2nd International Symposium of
Design for Living with Water, will be held at the Faculty of
Engineering and Architecture, Department of Interior Architecture,
Beykent University in Istanbul, Turkiye from November 18 to 19, 2020.

Symposium Poster

Water is the main life source for human beings starting from birth. Throughout the history, this vital element affected every field of life as well as the discipline of architecture and design, which have the mission to create comfortable and livable spaces for humans. It is observed that apart from alternative living spaces to terrestrial architecture in traditional forms, during the recent years, the studies which include the analysis as to space hotels, floating spaces, and effects of spatial characteristics of pole stations on the users have increased. One of the reasons for this is that people's need for alternative living spaces and resources has come up. The association of the concept of human-space-water is being considered together more frequent day by day.

In Recent years there is a growing focus on living with water due to the extreme climate changes, rising density, economical trends, and sustainability problems. Scientists and futurists from all over the world are indicating the solutions for living with water and predict that the relationship between human and water will increase. Not only the countries which have the risk of flood or rising sea levels, but also the other countries which have the probability of effecting by the climate changes are taking into consideration water-based solutions. Also, the flow of the capital and changing human lifestyle requirements show us the water as an alternative living space.

Although the concept of living with water seems revolutionary, the human relation with water is not a new trend. In the scope of this symposium, different integration types of water to spaces from the vernacular models to floating homes will be discussed. As a response to the world’s sustainability problems, from both economical, socio-cultural and also the ecological, we need to understand the importance of living with water. As the designers and engineers of the “climate change generation,” we have the responsibility to look at the past, present, and the future and ask the opportunities of water that we could apply, inform and transform to our designs.

We invite designers, architects, engineers, sociologists, students, and everyone who feels the need to create solutions sensitive to climate change and for the sustainable future of the world, particularly design with water.

Invited Speakers

Prof. Dr. Masi Mohammadi

Prof. Dr. Masi Mohammadi

Masi Mohammadi is the Leading Professor at the academy of Built Environment, HAN University of applied sciences, where she heads the research group Architecture in Health and a Full Professor of Smart Architectural Technologies at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

As the principal investigator and leader of the research program ‘Empathic Living Environment’, an interdisciplinary study into the socio-spatial context of smart living, Mohammadi aims to develop a people-led framework for embedding emerging technologies in architecture. To arrive at this framework, she, in collaboration with industry and Dutch housing and care organizations, set up a nationwide platform, ‘Dutch Empathic Living Labs’, to empirically evaluate smart homes and neighbourhoods and their impact on the well-being of users. She currently supervises 17 PhD dissertations on this subject.

Masi has served as chair or board member of various (inter)national committees and research networks, i.a. a board member of a European committee on ‘Active Ageing & Design’, member of the Board Science, Technology and Society of The Royal Institution of Engineers, and as a visiting Professor at the University of Technology Sydney (2017).


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Beykent University

Ayazağa Campus Maslak/İstanbul

Ayazaga Mahallesi, Hadim Koruyolu Cd. No: 19, 34398 Sarıyer / İstanbul Location